Qualitative Market Research

Research Areas of Expertise include: Customer satisfaction, buying behavior, market sizing, distribution channel assessment, market and regulatory trends, lead generation and partner search.

Quantitative Research

LSA provides tabulation and analysis of your survey results, financial modeling, and analysis services. Our focus is on providing results that inform your business decisions.

Survey Design and Execution

LSA can complete your project from survey design, execution, and analysis through final report and presentation writing. Survey methods include any combination of online, phone and F2F. Analysis of the information obtained is unique to each client and is structured to ensure your business objectives are met.

Industrial/Tech Markets

We work  in technology, telecom, transportation, energy, industrial and business services markets. However the techniques and methods we use can be applied across many industries so if yours is not included in the list above, call us anyway.

Starting or Growing a Small Business?

LSA assists SMEs to identify and assess potential target markets, and to develop business plans and financial projections. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Project Support Services

Need to accelerate your project, bolster a presentation, or just manage a heavy workload? We can assist with targeted research services.

LSA provides trained off-site interviewers at an hourly rate. Rates are exclusive of phone charges and are based upon interview length, content, and screening criteria.

Online Search
Jumpstart your project with online and database research performed by experienced professionals. Compilations of information are done to suit your needs.

Data Analysis
We develop Excel spreadsheets, financial models, develop or review analysis plans, conduct statistical analyses and perform other quantitative data work. We pride ourselves on accurate, quality work with an attention to detail and to the client’s overall objectives.

Presentation / Report Generation
Project output can be delivered in report or presentation format to be easily inserted into or flow with existing client work. LSA can also work with a client’s project findings in their entirety to deliver a professionally written and produced final document.

For a discussion of your project needs
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